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Random thoughts

I've been posting a lot lately. In fact I doubt that this will be my last post of the day. Could it be because I have more things to say or just more time?

Also, I'm considering writing an essay thing on the dynamic between the Elric bros. and Winry in the manga, but I'm kinda concerned that I might offend someone on my flist who either support Al/Winry, don't support Ed/Winry, support Ed/Winry but not in the same way, don't like it when I point out differences between the anime and manga, or don't even care about FMA and think I'm spamming their flists. I mean...damn. I friend lots of different people, don't I? O_O

And omg, I feel so bad for making Kirsten do most of the work. D: I haven't even started translating yet. And tomorrow is going to be SO HECTIC AHHHH!!!

But it's been storming all day. Hopefully it will be that way tomorrow so we don't have to stand outside for hours under the blazing sun. In blue robes holy shit!

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