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Choosing courses

-AGH!! Why don't they have Astronomy?! ...*sigh* Guess I'll choose Biology then, since it's not as math-oriented as Chemistry and Physics and I actually passed that class with an A in high school.
-I'm not sure whether my AP credit for 11th grade would count for English 123...though I'm sure I didn't get the AP credit for this year. >_>;
-The general requirements say that I only have to take one Math course, so I mind as well get that out of the way my first year. Chose the easiest one, of course. :P
-And omg....all these Humanities courses are making me drool. *____* So hard to choose between them all!!! *fills up the alternates*

There! Done. And now...hmmm. The Writers of the Future deadline is really soon. I think I'll submit my Drog story rather than the other one, since it's still fantasy-ish and almost complete. It got a good reaction last night at Writers Group, and this means I won't have to stress out about the other story again...

EDIT: WOE! I need an envelope! T__T I have to send this out today!!

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