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So yesterday, I went on my first college visit to Christopher Newport University.

It was all the way down in Newport News, Virginia, a little Southern town that wasn't at all impressive and who's citizens have a hint of that Southern twang in their speech. Would I like to live there? Probably not.
The campus, however, was gorgeous, and the, I'm not surprised that the Room & Board costs like two thousand dollars more than the actual tuition. We're talking brand new, spacey, and downright luxurious. There was a lot of construction work going on outside, but it should all be finished by the time I'm out of high school, and they have this huge art center thing in the works. And there were a lot of paths winding through the trees...I have a weakness for trees. Big, leafy trees. Especially willows.
The academic part of the school isn't so bad either. ^_^; They have a major in Writing, which fits me just fine, and I'd be interested in taking the Anthropology courses. They also have an anime club, which automatically earns my approval, and a minor in Japanese. From my SAT score, I'd say I have a decent chance of getting in. I might keep it as a backup in case I don't get accepted to George Mason.
But one thing that kept annoying/amusing me during the tour was that whenever someone said CNU (Christopher Newport University), it sounded like they were saying "seein' you." And their mascot is uber creepy. *shudder*
Later that night, we went to see King Arthur...

...and were very disappointed. I was really looking forward to it too. I mean, here they say they're making a more historically accurate movie, but it still feels like a done-before, made-for-Hollywood fairy tale. It was like an endless battle from beginning to end (to which my mom commented that that was what Troy felt like, to which I laughed, "That's because Troy's ABOUT a huge battle!").
I did not like Guinivere. Keira Knightley was awesome, but her character sucked. Lancelot wasn't that great either. But I rather liked Arthur, and the two bald knights (can't recall their names). There were also a couple of cool lines:

Bad Saxxon leader guy: "Finally, someone worth killing."

Lancelot: "You must be scared. There are a lot of lonely men out there."
Guinivere: "Don't worry, I won't let them rape you."

But yeah, other than that, the movie sucked.

So now I'm gonna watch the raws of FMA Episodes 39 and 40, because they look like really juicy eps, and I cannot wait for the fansubs, and look at me, I'm salivating! G2G BYEZ.

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