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  • Mon, 21:18: Hillary is doing great so far and I am so proud. :D
  • Mon, 21:22: Wow what is happening
  • Mon, 21:29: OMG TRUMP SHUT UP
  • Mon, 21:41: GO HILLARY GO
  • Mon, 21:47: RT @Regulus_Tera: "that shows he didn't pay any federal income tax" "that makes me smart" JESUS FUCKING CHRIST YOU ARE ADMITTING TO FRAUD…
  • Mon, 21:50: So Trump's solution to racial tension is 'get rid of the bad people'?
  • Mon, 22:01: OMG his response to the birth certificate question...I can't even...
  • Mon, 22:21: Omg shut up about Sean Hannity
  • Mon, 22:28: RT @baratunde: favorite part of #debatenight. When Trump says "I have a much better temperament" and the audience LAUGHS IN HIS FACE #debat
  • Mon, 22:33: THIS ISN'T A BUSINESS
  • Mon, 22:41: Hillary was so damn presidential tonight, I am so proud.
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