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  • Thu, 22:08: I've got 22 minutes left of The Inerasable, but I need to pause just to get all this information straight. @_@
  • Thu, 22:09: This curse goes WAY back. Once they started going into the Meiji era and Kyushu I started getting overwhelmed ahaha.
  • Thu, 22:12: [SPOILERS] So it was the coal miners that started it all, am I getting that right? And then the curse latched onto the picture & sword?
  • Thu, 22:15: [SPOILERS] And the picture was destroyed so now they're looking for the cursed sword...?
  • Thu, 22:28: WHAT the fuck is that.....
  • Thu, 22:42: Okay so it wasn't the sword after all? Anyway WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE DOING THERE, YOU'RE NOT SPIRITUALISTS. GET THE HELL OUT!!!
  • Thu, 22:47: Hoooly shiiiit...
  • Thu, 22:49: Oh no no no no...
  • Thu, 22:56: 8 1/2 minutes left and I need a BREAK. DX
  • Thu, 22:58: How would SPR handle this? How would you stop it? It's spread too far and wide, without rhyme or reason. How do you even??
  • Thu, 23:09: This is the scariest shit because it follows you. It sticks to you. Just because you happened to come across it.
  • Thu, 23:15: And then after you die, you just continue the cycle...
  • Thu, 23:22: "If you speak of it, you're cursed. If you hear of it, you're cursed." DDDD:
  • Thu, 23:25: NOOOOOOOPE
  • Thu, 23:32: That ending. DDDX
  • Thu, 23:36: Wait what's this during the DDD:
  • Thu, 23:41: Well that certainly lived up to its promise....
  • Fri, 01:44: Too scared to sleep, I'm afraid I'll hear sweeping sounds. D:
  • Fri, 07:35: RT @inada_shiho: ちょっと休憩ー (´・ω・`)=зやっさんのいるページを見ていたら思いつきました。眼鏡キャラは眼鏡が本体
  • Fri, 08:08: I'm SO TIRED... ready for that 3 day weekend. But first, another busy day at work... >_<
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