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  • Thu, 00:47: Okay all this researching the history of this plot of land is good shit, I'm loving it. IT FEELS VERY GHOST HUNT
  • Thu, 01:16: Oh, it's past 1 am, I should...go to bed. But I managed to get 1 hour 7 minutes into the movie now, it's getting really good!
  • Thu, 12:09: Started working on the next chapter of my GH fic. Gotta say, Gene and Mai are always fun to write together, they come to me very easily. :)
  • Thu, 12:10: Their conversations are very different from ones they'd have with Naru too, so it's refreshing.
  • Thu, 12:17: Have I tweeted that before? Maybe I have. Oh well, it's true every time.
  • Thu, 13:09: Ugh, I keep changing my mind on how far to take this chapter...
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