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  • Sat, 12:11: OTOH I might be amused if people hate this chapter simply because it's about Naru & Mai aggressively friend zoning each other...
  • Sat, 12:12: Next chapter will cover Valentine's Day though. And people might hate that too, lol.
  • Sat, 12:45: I think I'll just spend the day lying in bed drinking juice and reading doujinshi...
  • Sat, 12:52: Reading a doujinshi from 1995 and I am so lost right now, is this referencing something from the early 90's because I can't even??
  • Sat, 12:53: Some things are timeless to this day. Some things are friggin indecipherable!
  • Sat, 12:58: This stuff is like a friggin time capsule. XDDD
  • Sat, 15:40: Lin doing electronics shopping in Akihabara... (omg Windows 95...)
  • Sat, 15:42: Now watch him go back decades later when Akihabara is an otaku paradise. " different here....."
  • Sat, 15:45: Middle-aged Lin getting dragged into a maid cafe...
  • Sat, 16:12: Tbh I think Mai has a really hard time understanding Naru and seeing from his POV because his way of thinking is just so different from hers
  • Sat, 16:13: She's very empathetic and all, but she just hits a roadblock with him, because he doesn't react the way she expects most people to.
  • Sat, 16:15: But I think that's healthy for her and helps her grow; it challenges her worldview. Even if she finds it really frustrating.
  • Sat, 16:30: In that sense I think Naru has an advantage because he's already had Gene act as his foil for his whole life.
  • Sat, 20:45: Writing an unpopular fic: Every review is a goddamn miracle I don't care what it says Writing a popular fic: THE PRESSURE. THE EXPECTATIONS
  • Sat, 22:31: RT @yukimitsu: 【今月のにあちゃん】本当はルル子放送中にアップしたかったグレンネタ/夏コミで発行しましたルル子折本は9月上旬にらくがきとまとめてPixivへアップ予定です🌟 #グレンラガン #ルル子
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    Mon, 01:12: I thought that sounded like him!!

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