Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

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  • Sun, 21:36: Ahhhh, Japan's part in the closing ceremonies was great! Very modern and fun. :D
  • Mon, 07:54: RT @inada_shiho: ありそう
  • Mon, 12:18: I finally feel like writing again, and as usual, it's while I'm at work. -_-
  • Mon, 12:20: And as usual, it's chapters ahead of what I'm supposed to be working on...
  • Mon, 12:52: My mom keeps saying how glad she was that Japan's bit in the closing ceremonies wasn't all kabuki, sumo wrestlers, and stuff.
  • Mon, 12:54: Japan has a lot of great modern culture and seems appropriate to focus on that with Tokyo as the hosting city. :D
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