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  • Sat, 18:30: Big Meadows, Shenandoah National Park. We brought Dante here once after we adopted him, just had to bring him again.
  • Sat, 18:31: Poor baby is exhausted now. XD;
  • Sat, 20:30: 今更ですがやってみました。まだ小説版は完全に読んでいません... .__.;
  • Sun, 10:16: Heroic Legend of Arslan Season 2 Finale: LMAO IT ENDED RIGHT BEFORE THE FINAL BATTLE
  • Sun, 10:18: I kept checking how much time was left in the episode & at the end, I kept waiting for some kind of announcement: movie, season 3, anything.
  • Sun, 10:18: But nothing?? We don't get to see how it all wraps up?? Come on, give us something! D:
  • Sun, 10:19: A finale that is all setup for a final battle that doesn't happen. Announce something, dammit! D:
  • Sun, 10:21: This would have been perfect with 12 episodes...why only 8...why...
  • Sun, 11:01: *buys a bunch of doujinshi* *has no time to read them* :(
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