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I went...clothes shopping. O_O

I bought......four skirts. O__O

Only one of them are for graduation. The other three are simply because I like them and I think they look nice. O___O

I...I don't understand why my eyes kept going to the girly clothes today. ;__; This means half of my summer wardrobe is composed of skirts!! WHAT IS GOING ON?!???!??!???!??!??

...Oh yeah, Hot Topic didn't have any good FMA t-shirts. :( And there were no Ed keychains left so I bought Winry instead. But you know what, it's cute, matches my bag, and Winry is awesome so it's still okay.

EDIT: Also, I am aware that I got tagged twice for the favorite song meme. However, all I've been listening to lately is Getbackers music so I'll have to wait until after I get off this high... >_>;;

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