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Least Visible Side Profile (Page 2 of 2) - Ghost Hunt Short Story Translation

Here's another of the Ghost Hunt short stories by Fuyumi Ono! The first page was actually already translated by kagedreams some years ago, but it looks like she never posted the second page. So I decided to finish it. :)

This story is written only in dialogue, and is about Monk, Ayako, Yasuhara, and John eating out together and gossiping. It’s the only short story where Yasuhara and Ayako appear, and includes a lot of shipping talk and possible foreshadowing(?).

Thanks again to witchuntress for finding these scans in the first place! And again, this is only the second page. Please read the first page of the story first. Enjoy!

Least Visible Side Profile (Page 2 of 2)

“Hmmm. But you know.....”

“We’ll keep it just between us.”

“But still.”

“Quit acting like a teasing woman. It doesn’t suit you.”

“How rude. Just what part of me isn’t womanly?”

“Take away your silver tongue, and what’s left?”

“Beauty, proportions, and my family’s affluence.”

“All cancelled out by your age, lack of sex appeal, and high-handedness.”

“Excuuuse meee?”

“Just accept reality.”

“A half-baked old man like yourself couldn’t possibly understand my appeal. It’s got to be a mature gentleman or a young man.”

“So you’re messing around with guys like that, huh.”

“I let them mess around with me.”

“Let me guess, you make them buy things too.”

“Obviously. It’s laughable how many idiots there are who think I’ll date them as long as they dish out money.”

“So it’s the old ‘Buy me that, buy me this, feed me that, now goodbye’ routine.”

“Of course. I say ‘See you later,’ give them a random phone number, and go home.”

“What a horrible woman.....”


“My, but it’s their fault for inviting me out for drinks with ulterior motives plain to see, then getting wasted before me.”

“But you’re not exactly lacking in money.”

“I don’t like buying things myself that I can get other people to buy for me.”


“To begin with, it’s that self-serving nature making them think they can get a date by buying things that’s no good. If they want to date, they should improve themselves as men first. If it was a really good man, I’d buy him things myself, even if I had to mortgage my family home.”

“That does sound reasonable.”

“Ummm..... Don’t you think we’re getting off topic.....”

“Oh my.”

“Excellent, John. Good on you for remembering. —And? What exactly is the reason Jou-chan is so depressed?”


“Just say it the same way you were blabbing on earlier.”

“.....You’ll keep it just between us?”

“We shall.”

“Sooo. It’s like this.....blah-blah yadda-yadda.”



“S-so that’s what it was.”

“See, this can only be solved by the passage of time. The most you guys could do is cheer her up.”

“You’re right about that.”

“If it’s a dead person.....”


“How unlucky could you be?”


“I thought it was already pretty unfortunate that she had interest in Naru-bou, but this is an even more unfortunate situation.”

“It’s unfortunate?”

“She’s in love with a dead person.”

“I don’t mean that. If Taniyama-san is interested in Shibuya-san, that’s unfortunate?”

“Isn’t it? Since Naru-bou does everything at his own pace. And since Mai is the extremely lonely type, I’d think that even if they dated, she would only feel lonely.”

“But, Shibuya-san has a fairly kind side to him.”

“Does he? —Anyway, fairly kind wouldn't be enough. I get the feeling it wouldn't work unless he was very kind.”

“You think so? I thought they seemed like a good fit for each other.”

“If we’re only thinking about Mai-san’s happiness, it would probably be best for her to be with someone very kind.”

“That’s it. Why don’t you become a candidate, Brown-san?”


“If we’re talking very kind, that could only be you. If you put yourself in the running and get together with Mai-san.....”

“Th-th-th-that would be a problem.”

“Whaaat. Why’s that?”

“.....Shounen. John is a priest.”

“Ah.....right. You’re not allowed to have a girlfriend or a wife.”


“Actually, monks aren’t supposed to either, you know?”

“It became allowed in the Meiji era~. But now that you mention it, aren’t shrine maidens not allowed too~?”

“My, what country are we speaking of?”

“We’re getting off topic. ...Then, maybe Takigawa-san should do it.....”

“Don’t count on me. How much older than her do you think I am? She’d hate it too.”

“And what about you, Yasuhara-kun?”

“.....Me, huh?”

“You sure sound reluctant.”

“Not exactly.”

“Why nooot? She’s a good kid. Sure, she’s not as beautiful as I am, but she’s very good-natured. She’s pretty cute too.”

“.....You’re right. When Taniyama-san smiles, she’s really cute. And she’s expressive, so you don’t get tired of looking at her. She’s probably popular with the boys.”

“Whoa. A shocking confession. Then there shouldn’t be a problem. You’d make a good match age-wise too.”

“You’re the type that won’t die even if you’re killed, and you have an academic background and good future prospects. The attentive type who pays attention to details. —Perfect.”

“It’s not that I have any objections with Taniyama-san.....”


“When I think that I’ll be compared to Shibuya-san or his older twin brother, I can’t help but hesitate.”

“.....I can understand that.”

“I think it has to be Shibuya-san after all. I don’t think he minded her either.....”

“I’ll refrain from commenting. When it comes to him, I can never tell what he’s thinking.”

“Sometimes, I wonder if he’s thinking of nothing at all.”

“Me too.”

“.....Well, it’s not like Naru doesn’t have a nice side, but who knows.”

“I’m sure he’s just awkward.”

“I wonder about that too. —Before, and let’s see, when was it. There was this time that I broke a nail during a case.”


“It cut right to the quick, and started dripping blood. Then Naru stood up without saying a word, and just when I thought he’d gone off somewhere, he brought me a first aid kit.”


“And I thought, ‘My, I guess he does have a nice side.’”

“One would think that.”

“But, now that I think about it, I wonder if it might be that, because he just happened to see an injured person, he realized it would be more convenient to have a first aid kit in the base, and on top of that, maybe he just happened to have some spare time, so he went to go get it himself, and just gave it to me while he was at it.”

“.....That is possible.”

“Right? To tell the truth, I’m not fully convinced whether that was Naru’s awkward kindness, or if it happened simply by chance, but it’s that uncertainty that makes me uneasy when it comes to him being with Mai.”

“Huh. That’s nice of you.”

“I want Mai to be happy too, you know. She’s had it rough. —Well, if Naru says he prefers me, I wouldn’t mind that either.”

“No way, no way.”


“If I was forced to choose between you and Mai, I’d definitely choose Mai.”

“I’m sure you would.”

“Oh, an admirable reaction.”

“It’s fine. I understand. Most men in the world would say that. That’s why men these days are generally so boring.”

“Oh boy.....”



“But, it really is mysterious.”

“What is?”

“I wonder why Hara-san, or anyone else, didn’t realize Shibuya-san’s older brother was there?”

“.....You’ve got a point.”

“From what we just heard, hasn’t Hara-san met the older brother? Yet she didn’t realize he was a spirit. I wonder what that means.”

“You’re right, that is weird. Masako-chan is weak against spirits with weak connections, but even so.”

“That’s right.”


“Yeah, really. —Like that cave in Noto, or Shounen’s school, there were a lot of places where once spirits go in, they couldn’t get out. So why was only Eugene’s spirit able to go in and out?”

“.....Really, that is weird.”

“.....I wonder if he really is dead.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa.”

“Hey, Yasuhara-kun.”

“ just came to me somehow. Shibuya-san doesn’t seem like the type who would die even if you killed him, right? So his older brother being killed just like that seems...”

“.....What the hell are you thinking.”

“Weeell. Hahahaha.”

“Oh, stop. They even dredged up his corpse.”

“But, close to two years had passed since he died, right? Do you think his features would have been recognizable?”

“That would be.....impossible, huh. —But, in the first place, that was…”

“Because Shibuya-san used psychometry, I do understand that. .....Well, it’s just the product of a wishful imagination.”

“Don't you mean the product of a delusion?”

“Fine, you can call it a delusion. I was just putting it out there.”


“There’s.....really no way.”

“There really isn’t.....”

“But, it’s true that there are several things that don’t add up.”


“Hmm. —Well, there’s no use thinking about it. Anyway, let’s just wait for time to pass.”


“Miss, can I have another? Ah, this time I’ll have Ginga Tetsudou.”

“What, they have Ginga Tetsudou? Then me too.”

“Is Ginga Tetsudou a sake?”

“That’s right. It’s sake from Ehime. Want to try some?”

“I-I’ll pass.”

“It’s not some cheap seasonal thing. It’s really good.”

“I’m a beginner, so I wouldn’t know how a sake tastes.”

“You don’t need to give any to a boy who can’t tell how it tastes. It’d just be a waste.”

“You said it.”

“Ah, called me a boy, did you?”

“It’s the truth. As long as you can’t drink alcohol, you’re still a ch-i-l-d.”

“Then I shall drink, 5 go or 1 sho.”

“Don’t do it, Shounen. You’ll die.”


(Merely filling in holes. The end.)


-I decided to stick very close to the use of nicknames and honorifics to make it a little easier to tell who is speaking. Unfortunately, there’s no real way to translate John’s odd use of the Kansai dialect, but he’s the one who speaks the most formally in this group.

-The title could refer to the fact that it discusses the sides of characters we don’t usually see, such as Mai’s lonely side or Naru’s kind side. Of course, that could also go for all of the short stories, which reveal sides of the characters we don’t see in the main story.

-Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture is where the Cursed House case takes place.

-Ginga Tetsudou, or “Milky Way Train” sake.

-Go and sho are traditional Japanese units of measurement used for sake.

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