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  • Sat, 10:14: I think my tolerance for sugar has really gone down lately. I can only eat 1-2 sweet things per day...3 if the portions are small.
  • Sat, 10:16: And when I see these huge ass cookies or cakes you can find everywhere in America, I just feel sick...
  • Sat, 10:18: I think I've lost some weight thanks to that, which is nice, but half the time I can't stomach dessert... :(
  • Sat, 10:23: But really, Americans just make everything too damn sweet/salty . I prefer natural flavors.
  • Sat, 10:24: I don't like eating chocolate cake and tasting only pure sugar. Ugh.
  • Sat, 11:39: Hmm I feel like procrastinating today, what should I do...I know, I'll rewatch Game of Thrones from Season 1!
  • Sat, 11:41: To be fair, the first time I watched, I was like "I can't tell these white guys apart! WHAT is going on??" so it IS worth revisiting...
  • Sat, 11:49: The Stark kids are all SO young! BABIES ;__;
  • Sat, 11:59: DIREWOLF PUPPIES ;__;
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