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So...Astronomy and English finals are over and done with. I think I did rather well. I gave Mr. Gregorio my mixed CD and he was happy. :) Chickened out on giving him the letter though; I'll have to come to school again on Monday and if I end up coming to Astronomy too well...I want him to read it only once I'm gone. O_o;
You know, it's funny. Today in English so many of my classmates were talking about the same thing in their speeches, even though we all supposedly chose different themes, and they were emphasizing on saying goodbye to friends and having courage and so on. Well, I have little to no friends in school right now, and the people I do care about, I'm only going to tell them so because I'd most likely never see them again. My courage comes from that- the security of never having to face someone who knows how I really feel. I'm starting to realize just how pathetic that is...

omg_gb amuses me greatly. I think I might start lurking. Sesquipedalian already has eight characters, but hasn't really started moving yet, which is fine by me. ...I really just want to relax now. I want to sleep all day and watch anime. Only two more finals to go. *deep breath*

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