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  • Thu, 09:56: Oh thank god, the meds seem to be working. :D
  • Thu, 12:32: Safely dropped my dog off at daycare and am now waiting for the train to New York. :O
  • Thu, 12:33: So, if all goes well, I plan on visiting ASPR later this afternoon...
  • Thu, 12:33: My goal is just to see what it looks like inside, maybe snap a few pictures (if they allow me)...
  • Thu, 12:34: The thing that makes me nervous is what if I'm asked what I'm doing there?? Do I tell them I'm researching for a fic...? XD;
  • Thu, 12:35: I need to think up what to say before I get there ahaha...
  • Thu, 12:53: Btw...I read the new Attack on Titan chapter last night and something big happened that I'm still coming to grips with.
  • Thu, 12:54: Like, I can't even be sad because it still hasn't fully sunk in yet...
  • Thu, 12:59: It makes perfect sense though. I'm not complaining. Maybe that's why I don't feel anything yet...
  • Thu, 13:18: I brought Baccano! to read on the train to New York. It seems appropriate...
  • Thu, 15:10: Sudden thought: Gene is capable of showing himself to people outside of Mai's dreams.
  • Thu, 15:11: He met her in that forest, and he visited Masako once. And there's that mirror trick too.
  • Thu, 15:12: So why doesn't he do so more often? Does it take extra effort? Or does it just happen without him even knowing why?
  • Thu, 15:14: Maybe he can only do it in emergencies, like when someone is in danger, or when he thought it was his last chance to speak to Mai.
  • Thu, 15:15: That time, he said he had been searching for Mai. So maybe if he just focused really hard on someone...
  • Thu, 15:17: I know there are no answers for this, and Gene is a really special case... Just one more mystery...
  • Thu, 15:19: Anyway, this means Mai could technically meet him outside of her dreams too. Kinda want to see that explored more.
  • Thu, 15:21: Like maybe one day when Naru is communicating w/ Gene via mirror, Mai passes by, sees him, and is like, "Oh, hi! *waves*"
  • Thu, 15:22: And suddenly it's like a three-way conversation, except she can't hear what Gene's saying, so they start miming to each other.
  • Thu, 15:23: And Naru is standing next to her sighing, "Can we please get back to our conversation?"
  • Thu, 15:26: And Mai starts poking him. "What did he say??" "Who knows." "NARU." Gene starts laughing.
  • Thu, 15:36: Or like maybe if Naru is ever on the brink of death again, Mai visits the hospital, and sees Gene standing at his bedside.
  • Thu, 15:39: And that's when she'll know it's really serious. "Oh, he going to make it?" Gene says grimly, "I don't know."
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