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  • Tue, 22:12: Agghhh skipped more Mai & Naru dialogue after the confession. D:
  • Tue, 22:17: Ahhhhhh Naru giving her the picture~~~
  • Tue, 22:19: I was a little afraid to listen to this part, which is why it took me like...nearly a year to get to it lol, but it was pretty good!
  • Tue, 22:20: Aside from all that skipped conversation between Naru and Mai of course. :(
  • Tue, 22:24: Is this an original line? "I wanted to tell him because he was leaving, but the person I really wanted to tell my feelings to is already..."
  • Tue, 22:31: So this keeps bugging me, but Naru decides to keep the office open BEFORE he goes back to England.
  • Tue, 22:32: Before the whole confession scene, he was fully intending to close it. Which means he changed his mind afterwards.
  • Tue, 22:34: We'll probably never know what he was really thinking, but I do believe it had something to do with Mai, at least in part.
  • Tue, 22:42: It doesn't even have to be romantic in nature. It could just be he realizes she's the closest person to Gene he has left?
  • Wed, 02:10: Oh look I wrote this angsty little thing. I blame that drama CD. :(
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