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Me and my sudden whims...

So today I created my own RPG, sort of a spinoff of Mugenjou and Chomolangma, only this time it's anime characters in elementary school. Sesquipedalian Elementary. (I'm just going to call it Squidapeely for short. >>;)
Tomorrow I'm going to look over the applications and stuff that people sent in because I only have half of the Government final to study for. I'm officially going to come out of hiatus on Friday for Mugenjou, but I think I might have to drop Xellos and Rose. :( It's just going to be so much easier for me if I have only two characters per RPG.
Also, last night mom asked if she could read my story voluntarily. And today she told me that she thought it was written really well and that she had a dream about it, and kept asking what happened in the end. ....This certainly is new coming from her. o_o Maybe I've been improving a little over time...?

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