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  • Sat, 18:19: RT @MOEBANASHI: hint to new trigger productions: one series lined up w imaishi, and you will like it if you like ttgl
  • Sat, 18:19: RT @MOEBANASHI: AND a series lined up with yoshinari!
  • Sat, 18:19: RT @RyougaSaotome: Yoshinari and Imaishi are working on secret series. Latter is in line with GL and KLK. And one more series with a secret…
  • Sat, 20:08: Arrive at Mitsuwa Marketplace and my mom and I immediately pig out.
  • Sat, 20:14: I'm in heaven. T__T
  • Sat, 22:50: So you know how I said I was going to London this month? Well, the concert got postponed to next year, so that didn't happen. ^^;
  • Sat, 22:51: Instead, we're in New York this weekend~ Brought the dog too. Gonna take him to Central Park tomorrow. :)
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