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  • Wed, 04:56: There's a post on Tumblr discussing Mai's psyche & feelings for Naru and it's driving me nuts because THAT STORY ISN'T TRANSLATED YET...
  • Wed, 04:59: Also because the person gets various little things wrong and talks like Mai's love is true and perfect and I'm like "No???"
  • Wed, 05:00: I ship it, but that relationship needs a lot of work to get to that point, and that's half the fun.
  • Wed, 05:01: Like I've read Japanese fics that really delve into both their issues and have them work them out and it's beautiful.
  • Wed, 05:04: I can't remember if I've seen an English fic that addresses Mai's issues without just putting all the blame on Naru (for leaving, etc.)
  • Wed, 05:09: She's an orphan. She's needy and lonely, but too independent to beg for affection.
  • Wed, 05:10: And she's probably afraid of commitment because she fears being abandoned.
  • Wed, 05:12: And like I've been reading Naru/Mai doujinshi lately so this has been on my mind, but they both need to learn to meet each others' needs.
  • Wed, 05:13: Mai's need for affection VS Naru's need for space. It would be a constant balancing act, but they could make it work with understanding.
  • Wed, 05:15: ...Okay, rant over. >.>
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