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  • Tue, 18:08: RT @jk_rowling: How horrible. Voldemort was nowhere near as bad.
  • Wed, 00:53: RT @DGZonbi: おそ松さん 10話ネタ 【レンタルカノジョ x 松野】
  • Wed, 01:00: Two days into the work week, my job already has me so stressed I could cry.
  • Wed, 01:01: This season is busy enough, but now they're dumping all these procedure changes at once, & at the same time I'm suddenly training somebody.
  • Wed, 01:03: I want to work on editing this translation but my brain is exhausted. ;__;
  • Wed, 01:07: Seriously though, twice the normal workload + having to train for & learn all these new things + having to train someone else...
  • Wed, 01:08: And the schedules recently changed so that we have to get an entire day's worth of work done by halfway through the day...
  • Wed, 01:09: And they recently laid off a whole department and dumped their work on /us/...
  • Wed, 01:11: It's not a bad job, but right now, it's a bit much. x_x;
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