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  • Sun, 15:15: RT @TheGeekiary: Masahiko Otsuka talks future of anime: more online streaming, more global audience, more international conventions like @A
  • Sun, 15:16: RT @TheGeekiary: Because of international enthusiasm, Masahiko Otsuka wants to premiere something in the US
  • Sun, 16:19: I got bored of translating the story I'm currently working on, so now I'm translating bits of the next one I'm planning on doing hahaha. orz
  • Sun, 16:20: I mean there's nothing wrong with this story. It's mostly dialogue so it's easy, and I love the interaction between Naru & Vianney.
  • Sun, 16:21: But most of it is just a deconstruction of a trick so it can be a little tedious to translate. XD;
  • Sun, 16:23: On the other hand, the next one is quickly becoming one of my favorites the more I think about it. It's so fascinating and heartbreaking.
  • Sun, 16:26: ...The story implies that a lot of people might have thought "Why couldn't it be Oliver" when they found out about Gene and I... T__T
  • Sun, 16:28: IT'S SO TERRIBLE AND SAD.
  • Sun, 16:31: Also, don't call the twins "exotic." Ew. Ew, that's gross.
  • Sun, 21:03: Finally saw Mockingjay Part 2. God, that ending still messes me up. ;___; Movie was perfect, though.
  • Sun, 21:38: I need to go buy a new computer and phone but I...I don't want to go shopping. :( Maybe I'll do Cyber Monday...
  • Sun, 21:38: I'm really not feeling the holiday spirit AT ALL this year...
  • Sun, 23:19: Uaaaagghhh. Fuyumi Ono occasionally makes typos or mistakes in this and it really messes me up when she does. x__x
  • Sun, 23:20: Because sometimes I have trouble telling whether it's really a mistake or if I'm just misunderstanding something?
  • Sun, 23:22: Like early in the story, she says these cards are on a whiteboard, then later she says they were on a blackboard. Which is it??
  • Sun, 23:23: The problem is I think there was both a blackboard & whiteboard in that scene so now I'm just confused...
  • Sun, 23:28: And I thought they were supposed to be making the cards read QKKQJJ but it seems like the answer they would end up with would be JJQQKK?
  • Sun, 23:28: Or did I just misunderstand that part? What???
  • Sun, 23:30: I think all I can do is just translate those parts as literally as possible and leave it for others to figure out. @_@
  • Mon, 00:13: Enlisted my mom's help to try figuring this out. It makes sense now...if they're cutting the audience's card. But they can't do that...?!
  • Mon, 00:17: This was making perfect sense until this part and now I can't tell where the mistake begins and ends or if it's really a mistake at all...
  • Mon, 00:44: Yeah, starting to think this isn't a mistake, they're just cutting up the audience's card for the example. Which is really confusing.
  • Mon, 00:48: I'm going to stop trying to figure this out for myself and just translate it literally as I can, yeah. -_-;
  • Mon, 00:52: OR were there cards on the blackboard AND whiteboard and the ones on the blackboard just weren't mentioned previously?! slams head on desk*
  • Mon, 00:55: But it clearly says the cards on the whiteboard were used as the example, not the blackboard!!
  • Mon, 00:58: But the cards on the whiteboard aren't even a good example because they don't alternate between colors like it says in the SAME PARAGRAPH.
  • Mon, 00:59: I'M SO CONFUSED. D:
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