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Today's been busy so far because mom wanted to have a BBQ on Memorial Day and invited some of her old coworkers (Erin and her husband, Lida and her boyfriend Michael, and Nomura-san because he's going back to Japan soon). So I was helping her clean the house and taste-testing all the food, because for some reason mom's sense of taste is going really wacky lately. O_O
And now finally everyone left and I'm tired because I stayed up real late and woke up early, but I still have this story to finish~
Oh yeah, Nomura-san wanted to give me all his anime DVDs that he bought while in the US. When we all went to Georgetown last weekend we talked about it and uhh...I wasn't too keen on Love Hina and Chobits. >.>; So now he's given me everything else he has which is:

-All of the Chrono Crusade DVDs that's been released so far. SCORE!! Though I already have the first one...
-Nadia: The Secret of the Blue Water. The whole goddamn series, plus soundtracks and motion picture. MY GAWD. O_O And I've always wanted to see this one too! Looks like I'll be even more busy this summer.
-Dai Guard. I don't know how many episodes, I haven't checked. I think it's some giant robot thing...don't really care for that stuff. >_>;
-Blue Submarine. Ehh...guess I'll give it a try.

Finals week, here I come~!

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