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  • Sun, 17:26: RT @Anime: #Interest Mixed Feelings in Iran Over The Heroic Legend of Arslan • 2015 #anime is set in ancient Persian-inspired … https://t.c…
  • Sun, 19:38: So I was just asking my mom about the kanji for Naru wanting to blast his friends away...
  • Sun, 19:39: Mom: "Wait, can he do that?" Me: "Yes?" Mom: "Would he really do something that horrible??" Me: ""
  • Sun, 20:09: I FINISHED IT! \o/ Now there's only proofreading left, then I can post it~
  • Sun, 21:23: Jeeeeez, Livejournal looks different every time I log in now. (To be fair, I haven't logged in for a while.) I can barely navigate it. D:
  • Mon, 04:30: Annnnd the translation is POSTED! \o/
  • Mon, 04:31: That was a lot of work. @_@ But I'm glad I did it~~
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    Mom's back from Japan! And I was able to drive her to the airport and pick her up by myself without any problems! It's my first time doing that, so…

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    Sun, 04:14: Holy shit, the Nuramago manga is getting pretty intense. D: Poor Rikuo... Sun, 05:13: Wow, Travis Willingham is doing an…

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