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  • Thu, 00:21: Welp, Naru is definitely not wealthy. His salary isn't enough to cover living expenses in Japan.
  • Thu, 00:22: Half the fandom seems under the impression that he's a millionaire. Here he's pretty shameless about needing other people's money. XD;
  • Thu, 00:27: But then he'll go and use that money to stay in luxury hotels and take taxis around Tokyo, lol.
  • Thu, 00:33: Oliver "I'll just whore myself out for more money later, yolo~" Davis
  • Thu, 03:36: @SushioHiroyuki Hey, sorry I took so long. Kept getting sidetracked. ^^; Also, I have some bad news...
  • Thu, 03:37: @SushioHiroyuki Turns out my current scanner is kinda shitty so...
  • Thu, 03:39: @SushioHiroyuki ...this is the best scan I can get without really bending the binding. D: Sorry...
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