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  • Mon, 17:01: Finally got the scans for the short stories, reading a bit of the Naru POV one during lunch.
  • Mon, 17:03: I'm...gonna have to look up a ton of Tai Chi forms to translate this. XD; But omg, Lin teaching him is so cuuuute.
  • Mon, 17:04: Also it sounds like Naru used to rely on Gene telling him what to wear lol.
  • Mon, 17:05: With Gene gone, he's like "Great, now I have to think about this stuff for myself. Eh, I'll get black." XD;;
  • Mon, 17:20: Naru: "People think I'm in mourning, so they don't bother me. Cool." HE IS SO RIDICULOUS.
  • Mon, 17:26: What if Naru was forced to shop at a store with no black clothing & he ends up picking the most atrocious color combination omg.
  • Mon, 17:32: I need to write that fic now. They lose all their clothes during a case & the only shop in town sells, like, beachwear.
  • Mon, 21:53: SCREECHES this story has all the info on the twins' biological parents & early childhood!!! JACKPOT! *___*
  • Mon, 22:30: Going back to Naru's clothing choices...something from one of my doujinshi suddenly makes more sense.
  • Mon, 22:31: Naru probably just wore whatever his family told him to and didn't care how it looked.
  • Mon, 22:58: wish I'd read this before writing my backstory. It has SO MUCH DETAIL and I got so many things wrong lol.
  • Mon, 23:01: The funny thing is one of my doujinshi illustrates all of this but I was never sure if it was canon or not...
  • Mon, 23:02: Japanese fandom has known about all this for TWO DECADES and English-speaking fandom is only just getting its hands on it.
  • Mon, 23:03: No wonder I keep going "oooh I remember this from that doujinshi!" as I read. ^^;
  • Mon, 23:22: So earlier in the story, Lin was suggesting teaching Naru (I think) fighting tai chi forms, and Naru is like "Nope, waste of time."
  • Mon, 23:25: "I don't plan on competing or getting in any fights." Lin says he should just in case, though he's got the basics down enough that...
  • Mon, 23:26: ...his body might move on his own when it calls for it.
  • Mon, 23:26: And Naru just thinks "My PK will probably move on its own before my body does, but I'm not telling him that." XD
  • Mon, 23:28: The thing that gets me about this convo is that these skills probably came in handy in Akumu no Sumu Ie...
  • Mon, 23:29: ...when he had to fight off possessed people barehanded. YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO LIN, NARU.
  • Mon, 23:53: 4 pages of Naru and Lin talking about cameras and work....boy, this will be fun to translate. -__-
  • Mon, 23:57: Omfg Lin brings up Takigawa & Naru almost drops his fork. "How does it feel to see one of your believers in the flesh?" XDD
  • Tue, 00:03: Lin teasing Naru about being embarrassed...this is the best. XDD Naru: "Sorry, I'm not used to receiving compliments. >:["
  • Tue, 00:11: "You have more than enough admirers." "You mean Gene does. I'm just extra." Ouch. OUCH. NARU. ;__;
  • Tue, 00:44: Breaking news: Even the great Oliver Davis uses spellcheck!
  • Tue, 00:47: He spends half the day writing and then goes to work at 3 PM. What a life.
  • Tue, 01:00: An entire paragraph of Naru reflecting on how handsome he is...
  • Tue, 01:09: About everyone using his office like a cafe: sometimes he just wants to BLOW THEM UP. But he realizes he doesn't really hate them. Aww...?
  • Tue, 01:17: The end. ...Somehow, I think my love for Naru has only increased after reading this. XD
  • Tue, 02:43: Okay, so...there are 11 pages to this story. Hopefully I can translate 1 page per day...?
  • Tue, 02:44: Though the tai chi and camera technobabble parts might take longer...
  • Tue, 03:31: Translating Naru waking up in the morning and this is already adorable. XD
  • Tue, 05:40: I have concluded that Naru is most likely staying at the Hilton Tokyo in Shinjuku! \o/ And now I must go to bed...
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