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I feel like such an adult.

During lunch, mom and I were planning out my summer. June will be busy of course- finals, then the new manga chapter comes out, then graduation, then looking for a job, then my birthday and Father's Day back to back, then the orientation thing at college, and somehow I'm going to fit in RPing in there, and before you know it it's July. O_O Which will be mostly work (assuming that I could still find a job >>;) and writing, with weekends being taken up by Harry Potter, Otakon, and visits to DC before I move away, continuing on until the middle of August.
PHEW. So as you can see, we really have no time OR money for a vacation (most of what I earn will go toward paying for my tuition). But even knowing this, mom is still whining like a little kid. "BUT I WANT TO GO ON VACATION~!! T_____T" And again I'm playing the voice of common sense.


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