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  • Fri, 21:23: Ugh, forgot about Tumblr not allowing you to see messages anymore once you've replied to them. Hate. Haaaaate. >_<
  • Fri, 21:24: Shouldn't have answered privately. Now I have no record of either the message or my reply to it. >:/
  • Fri, 22:09: RT @Anime: #News Ron Howard to Direct Live-Action Tiger & Bunny Film • Film announcement made at Sunrise's NYCC panel
  • Fri, 22:11: Tiger & Bunny live action Hollywood film?!?!!?! YES THIS COULD WORK
  • Fri, 23:45: It seems Japanese Twitter is going crazy over the Tiger & Bunny live action news. XD
  • Sat, 00:14: The thought that I'll be able to read the Ghost Hunt short stories tonight is making me so excited I can barely function. *_*
  • Sat, 00:15: Cuz all this time I'd be reading Japanese GH fics and keep asking myself "is this fanon or canon from the short stories???"
  • Sat, 00:20: Like I keep seeing mentions of Naru & Gene being neglected by their mother when they were little this fanon?? Or not???
  • Sat, 00:23: Considering all the insight into Gene & Naru's characters we got from ONE translated story...
  • Sat, 00:52: One thing I don't get is how in the manga they say "Naru" is the American pronunciation of "Noll." I...don't think so...?
  • Sat, 00:58: Which just makes me imagine Gene with a really weird American accent. XD;;
  • Sat, 01:20: Wow why did I never think to google summaries of these short stories before. I feel dumb.
  • Sat, 01:26: He takes a taxi to work every day because he can't handle hot Japanese summers. My god.
  • Sat, 01:30: He wears black because it's less trouble; he just lets people think he's in mourning.
  • Sat, 01:32: I've seen this in Japanese fics before but HE DOES TAI CHI.
  • Sat, 01:40: Wow why didn't I google this stuff before I started writing my fanfic MY BACKSTORY IS SO JOSSED LOL
  • Sat, 01:41: Good thing it's an AU already hahahahaha...
  • Sat, 02:04: Naru wasn't my fav character when I rewatched GH last year, but then I realized he's a repressed eccentric nerd & I relate to him the most.
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