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  • Wed, 15:10: Episode 2 starts with a bunny getting shot in the head. THIS SHOW.
  • Wed, 15:30: "Where's your knife?" "All over." "Get rid of them all." *Kino proceeds to take out like a bucketful of knives*
  • Wed, 15:37: This episode still hurts. ;___;
  • Wed, 16:13: Really, original Kino? You're going to spend your time fixing a piece of junk instead of sightseeing? XD;
  • Wed, 16:13: Young Kino is so girly it's killing me.
  • Wed, 16:31: Episode 4. ;___;
  • Wed, 21:40: I feel like crap, so my main accomplishment of the day is leaving someone a brutally honest review and making them feel bad too. :(
  • Wed, 21:41: Ughhh I need to make dinner...
  • Wed, 21:50: On one hand, I've improved as a writer by receiving criticism all my life & this person has both potential and room for improvement.
  • Wed, 21:50: On the other hand, I feel like a diiiiiick.
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