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  • Sun, 16:10: So I bought this Ghost Hunt doujinshi that's an anthology of stories about Naru & Mai getting married. Just finished reading it and...
  • Sun, 16:10: ...I think my favorite is the one where Naru brings ghost hunting equipment to the wedding & starts a case right before the ceremony.
  • Sun, 16:11: I-I can see it happening... XD;
  • Sun, 16:13: The second most realistic one is where he just outright refuses to have a wedding, lol.
  • Sun, 16:19: But there was also a sad one where he only pretends to marry her but never actually submits the application...
  • Sun, 16:20: ...because he believes she'll get sick of him eventually. .__.;
  • Sun, 16:22: Anyway, I was expecting mostly bland fluff, but there was some nice variety in the stories, so I'm pleased.
  • Sun, 16:54: My Ghost Hunt doujin collection so far. Half of it is Naru/Mai; other half is cute gen mostly focused on the twins.
  • Sun, 22:19: RT @Yuyucow: Arslan #24 got a nice endcard by the chief designer Shingo Ogiso, so the finale's will be by Arakawa for sure.
  • Mon, 01:30: Wow, today's episode of Arslan was REALLY good. :O
  • Mon, 01:33: Though I had to groan a little at the misunderstanding at the end there. ^^;
  • Mon, 01:38: The Daryuun VS Hermes fight had some fun choreography~
  • Mon, 01:44: Man, I want Arslan & Etoile to be together, but I not see it happening. At all. ^^;
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