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  • Sun, 18:51: Stopped by Colonial Williamsburg briefly on the way home. But I only took pictures of the horses. :D;
  • Sun, 18:52: And this tree. This tree is awesome.
  • Sun, 19:06: RT @OllyMonkeyboy: BREAKING NEWS: CHINAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Advisors vow to bobobobobobobobobobobobobobobobbo
  • Sun, 23:08: Ugh, I'm sore all over. And I think I might've left my new favorite sandals that I bought in Japan at the hotel. >.<
  • Sun, 23:10: I don't remember seeing it in the room so maybe when we were waiting in the lobby during that whole debacle...ugh...
  • Sun, 23:22: RT @AniHistory: Scene from Fight Club, 1999. #KillLaKill
  • Mon, 02:24: Psycho Pass movie: A lot of cringe-inducing Engrish and violence. But got pretty good once Akane & Kougami met up again. :)
  • Mon, 02:26: Also Ginoza didn't have that much screen time, but the scenes he did have were adorable.
  • Mon, 02:27: And I have to admit, it was a little hard to keep up with sometimes without English subs. ^^; My Japanese vocabulary has its limits.
  • Mon, 02:29: All the Engrish was laughably bad though. I could barely understand what they were saying so I had to rely on the Japanese subtitles, lol.
  • Mon, 02:30: I thought Season 2 wouldn't be necessary to understand this movie, but there was some continuity.
  • Mon, 02:31: Like Akane's cig-burning habit, Mika being used by Sibyl, etc.
  • Mon, 02:37: Kougami: *cigarette is soaked* :( Akane: Here. *hands him a pack* Me: SQUEE
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