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  • Sun, 03:10: I was hoping I could watch Kill la Kill tonight but haha that's not gonna happen.
  • Sun, 03:33: You know what? Screw this hotel too.
  • Sun, 03:35: They had our room available!!! And they gave it away to someone else!!!
  • Sun, 03:36: And they had another room we could use, but they didn't tell us about it!!! We asked them for ANY room and they told us they had none!!!
  • Sun, 03:37: And they won't take ANY responsibility or offer so much as a refund because "it's all Expedia's fault."
  • Sun, 03:38: These people are just plain liars. We were waiting in that lobby for well over an hour and they kept giving rooms away.
  • Sun, 03:39: Anyway, long story short, we finally got the two rooms we needed and have a place to stay. GOD.
  • Sun, 04:43: Watching the Kill la Kill finale with my mom in the same room is an awkward experience. XD;
  • Sun, 04:53: The population of Earth burns up in the atmosphere. GAME OVER.
  • Sun, 04:54: Oh no. ;______:
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