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Funny how involved I am in RPG affairs despite being on hiatus. :/ I was thinking of coming back by the end of this week but then I still have finals during the next week and I REALLY have to concentrate on these last days of days of HIGHSCHOOL. O_O
And OMFG, I think I did really well on my math test today, despite not studying as much as I should and getting only 3 hours of sleep. But I got three 100's on the quizzes from last class and it was all calculator work so...gah, but I forgot to turn in my notebook. ><;;
Right now I should really be getting my story ready for Writer's Group but instead I'm making the mixed CD for Mr. Gregorio. :/ Damn, time is running out to finish this thing, I'll have to write all weekend...
Oh yeah, Ai Haibara = Anita Hailey?'s not that bad compared to the others, I guess. Sounds mature enough to suite her anyway.

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