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  • Fri, 23:49: RT @SuperheroFeed: COMICS: 'LEGEND OF KORRA' Series Announced
  • Fri, 23:52: "Legend of Korra comics" YES!!! "focus on Korrasami" YES!!!!!! "written by Michael Dante DiMartino" ........OH
  • Fri, 23:53: Why not the guy who's writing the Avatar comics, he's really good. :[
  • Fri, 23:57: tbh after seeing the way they write canon het pairings, not too excited about them writing a gay one. Even if (or because) I ship it. >.>
  • Sat, 00:26: It's fun imagining Gene w/ his medium powers in the world of Death Parade. He's gonna figure everything out before the game's halfway over.
  • Sat, 00:28: If Naru & Gene were paired together, I bet they'd have it all figured out before the game even begins.
  • Sat, 02:14: Currently playing Old Maid with myself in order to plan a fanfic.
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