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  • Mon, 11:40: They had a bunch of key animation cuts on display too but photography wasn't allowed. They even displayed all the April Fools stuff, lol.
  • Mon, 11:42: Mushishi goods I got today. :D
  • Mon, 11:43: We found a neat shrine on the way back from the exhibit in Asakusabashi. :O
  • Mon, 11:47: There was an earthquake while we were in Sunshine City today, but the building was so earthquake proof that I barely felt it. :O
  • Mon, 11:52: Mushishi movie: Sound was amazing. Really worth seeing in a theater. But bittersweet because this is the end. D:
  • Mon, 11:55: Although in the pamphlet, Yuki Urushibara says it doesn't feel like it's the end for her. XD
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