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more fangirling

The song "UNDO" is stuck in my head and refuses to get out.  Shockingly, I think it's starting to replace "Ready Steady GO" as my favorite FMA opening.  Sure, the singer sounds like Kermit the frog, but it has a catchy tune, the opening footage ROCKS, it's easy to sing to, and the lyrics...omigosh the lyrics...are so beautiful.  I get tears in my eyes when I sing them.  And they fit the series so much more than the other openings!  So here's my pathetic attempt at translating some, with the aid of the fansubs:

Far away...far away...lie our feelings

If we could only return to when we were able to laugh with innocence

It was broken into pieces

like a work of glass

I am collecting the shards of my memories

You only realize what's important to you...

after you have lost it

Please...please...stop the time

Please carve your image into my chest is allowed

I can sacrifice everything

to see that smile again


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