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  • Sun, 06:25: VIRAAAAL ;__; #GurrenLagann
  • Sun, 06:27: Nia: I SUMMON THEE, HUSBAND. #GurrenLagann
  • Sun, 06:29: Oh god only one episode more week of Gurren Lagann on Toonami left. D: #GurrenLagann
  • Sun, 06:31: RT @AnimeSavior: Wait, did Dandy pull the Cosmic Strings again? #GurrenLagann on Toonami
  • Sun, 06:34: RT @MAGNEDETH: Ever been so pissed off you broke through an infinite amount of alternate dimensions and squeezed a gunman out of a ring? #G
  • Sun, 06:34: RT @ToonamiNews: Trending: Kamina is trending in the US. Believe in the Simon that believes in you. Only Toonami. #GurrenLagann
  • Sun, 06:41: Hey remember when GL was airing on Scifi channel & in the last episode, the final attack was immediately followed by a sandwich commercial?
  • Sun, 06:42: I'm so glad Toonami doesn't do that bullshit.
  • Sun, 06:53: Can someone please edit that sandwich commercial in between Simon & Anti-Spiral's exchange of "EAT THIS" and "NEVER!!!"
  • Sun, 07:01: RT @MAGNEDETH: It genuinely baffles me and impresses me how this series evolved. It started underground and ends in inter-dimensional space…
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