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Writer's Group

I had to leave early today because mom wanted to watch American Idol. :/ Eh, I didn't have anything to read anyway, and I still have to study for my math test tomorrow... So I was only there for one reading, but it was fun. The writer was this retired psychology professor, and man...I hate to say it but the guy doesn't have much artistic talent. ^^; I mean he started out the first chapter practically with a resume for his character. It sounded basically like a plot and character summary the whole time.
So though I didn't enjoy the actual writing, our explanations of what he could do to make it better were interesting. :) I got to contribute a lot this time, and it makes me happy when I can make suggestions and know what I'm talking about, since whenever we have a poetry reading I'm usually just sitting there going 'Durrrr.' And it's reassuring to know that even someone as super smart as that has to WORK at writing a decent novel; it's a nice ego boost. XD; And the guy took our critiques really well too, he WANTS to improve. Good attitude. ^^
And Tracey finally gave me back my DVD. I also bought the FMA manga. I approve. :) Actually I bought it mainly so I could lend it to other people. Oh yeah, Jessie didn't come until way late so I couldn't talk to her much unfortunately... And that's about it. My throat still feels like crap. Stupid air conditioning at school. >/

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