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  • Fri, 18:53: RT @nonoyamasaki: ふひ〜原稿あがった〜(´ω`;;) 月刊ヒーローズお読みの方はご存知かと思いますが『男どアホウ!編』先ほどあがった第14話原稿で最終回になります…!描き込み頑張った最終回見届けていただけたら嬉しいです〜(´ω`*)
  • Sat, 00:38: RT @RyougaSaotome: Arslan Senki two page spread by Kazuo Watanabe and Shingo Ogiso. That sure is a horse. #dump
  • Sat, 00:42: RT @Anime: #News Funimation Dubs Assassination Classroom, Death Parade, Tokyo Ghoul √A, 7 More Winter Shows • The Rollin…
  • Sat, 00:42: Ohhh wow, try not to kill yourself, FUNi! Might check out the Death Parade broadcast dub...
  • Sat, 01:58: Death Parade episode 6: OMG, this episode was hilarious. XD I really love how each episode gives us something different.
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