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  • Sat, 15:53: RT @nonoyamasaki: 明日からの冬コミの企業ブース「ヒーローズ」にて、カミナ達ラバーチャームキーリング5種が発売します。特典もありますので冬コミ参加される皆様ぜひともお立ち寄りいただけましたら…! http://t.c…
  • Sat, 15:53: RT @nonoyamasaki: そして「天元突破グレンラガン 男どアホウ!編」第12話掲載してもらってます月刊ヒーローズ2月号も本日発売です!今月もヴィラルがんばる!最新話試読もできますですよ〜(´ω`*) http://t.c…
  • Sat, 16:53: Ever since I got obsessed with Ghost Hunt, I've been compelled to mentally cross it over with every other horror franchise.
  • Sat, 16:54: I see there's a sequel to The Woman in Black and immediately think "OMG Naru needs to go investigate that."
  • Sat, 16:57: Even though in all likelihood the ghost will just kill half the people on the team before Naru just goes "purge it with fire."
  • Sat, 17:04: Same goes with The Ring, The Grudge, etc. I start to imagine it and I'm like, wow, characters will probably DIE.
  • Sat, 17:05: It would be great to see Naru face off against Sadako though. Why isn't there a fanfic for /that?/
  • Sat, 17:33: Damn, now I really want a The Ring/Ghost Hunt crossover. Naru tells everyone not to watch the video but then watches it himself to study it.
  • Sat, 17:33: Lin and Mai freak out and he coolly says "I just have to solve it in a week, what's the big deal."
  • Sun, 01:50: Today's baking experiment: rose-shaped apple pies! Could look better, but oh well. Will try again next time!
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    Thu, 22:14: RT @ kibourainbou: higurashi sotsu spoilers THIS ID MAKING ME INSANE Fri, 09:08: RT @ umekoumekoyeah:…

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    Wed, 23:20: RT @ notsoevilrick: The duck was completely silent the entire ride. Didn't say a single word to me. Five stars.…

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