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Three squeal-worthy things this morning (er, afternoon?):
1) Kino's Journey review in Shelf Life!
Now if only Underland Online would release their review of the 4th DVD...I'm such a dork, I have to hear everyone's opinions! ^_^;
2)Howl's Moving Castle website!!
I'll take a closer look at it later on, but first impressions...OMG SCARECROW YAY! And the DOGGY! And it seems it really is coming out in 2004...possibly in the Fall? That's going to make it really hard to go to Japan, with school and all. *sigh*
3) HAHAHA The Car Wash Guy!
Okay, so yesterday at Writer's Group, there was this random guy sitting at the tables making chit chat and listening to the readings (my story got a great response, btw). Turns out he just happened to be using his laptop there when Victoria Lynn was setting up, so he came to join us. Man, what a cool guy. Apparently his job is to make car washes (WTFLOL) and he's traveling around the country in his trailer. He really got into some of the readings, and had lot's of energy, and was just a fun, fun person. ^^
He even showed Justine and I sketches of his 'ideas,' which were just brilliant, even if I didn't fully understand how some of them would work. Like, for example, an anti-gravity car, a machine that would supply energy to the whole world, a car wash cart for homeless people, etc. SO COOL. And now I wake up to find he's sent the Writer's Group an e-mail about his business.
This REALLY made my day. XD

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