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Things are finally looking good.

I think I got three 100's in English today. For homework we had to write a letter to three teachers who we have been inspired/helped by or just admire. And I was teh happy because I already had several teachers in mind and it was an easy assignment that let me unleash some creativity for once.
Mrs. Grayson's own words: "Cynthia, these are great."
MWAHAHAHAHA. See, I'm not such a sucky writer after all!! Stupid essays...hope I have at least a D now. -__-;
But I'm not going to be handing out the letters until like the last day I'm in school, because they're too embarrassing, especially Mr. Gregorio's. #O.O# And I plan on making him a mixed CD anyway so I still need time for that. Mrs. Johnson, on the other hand...I have to go find her address in the office tomorrow. Now that it's been graded maybe I can add in a postscript for her to send me a copy of my Kino essay from last year, because it's the only one I've ever gotten a grade 9 on and I'd kinda like proof... >.>
Mr. White's was pretty hard to focus just on the positive things. I mean there were a lot of positive things, but a lot of negative things too, but still he did help me in many ways.

In other that I'm not so focused on Mugenjou, I have more spare time. It's nice. I actually read my Entertainment Weekly magazine yesterday.
And now I have to go outside to do yardwork because mom said she'd give me $20 and I need the money. Bye~~!

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