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It's a miracle!

OMG I actually managed to meet the deadline for my Creative Writing class. In other words, I finished the first chapter of my new story. I didn't sleep at all last night, and I worked hard the whole day, but I finally did it. Behold, I return triumphant!
And not all of it was junk, either. It's going to need more editing before I read it at Writer's Group, but I think I did a pretty good job considering the time limit. God, Nelly is so fun to write. ^_^ Takes away half the stress of writing when I can just go DITSY and completely out of control. Next time I have writer's block, my remedy will be "Nelly's Random Tea Party with Moofy and the Neighbors" or some other crazy shit.
Oh, the insanity. XD
In other news, I finally found the time to watch Ep. 38 of Full Metal Alchemist.
To tell the truth, I didn't really like this episode. Now that the anime is completely independant of the manga, the whole style of the show seems to have changed a little. The whole Winry and Scieska thing was kind of bleah. Ed and Al fighting was very amusing (a scuffle between siblings leading to a whole bunch of twisted alchemy XD), but in the end felt a little contrived, like what one would find in a filler episode. Though I do like the role Alphonse played- he's finally starting to become a major character, not just Ed's sidekick.
The next episode looks promising though (return to Lior!!), and now that the deal with Juliet Douglas is coming to light, things are bound to turn interesting (even if I'm not a big fan of anime!Sloth).
Things to do tomorrow:
-Call school about class changes (IMPORTANT! DO NOT FORGET!)
-Edit Chap. 1 of Nelly story
-Research for Fantasy workshop
-Write out the rest of my Philadelphia travelogue (before my memory becomes too foggy, and to get it out of the way)

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