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For Kirsten when she comes back~

GAHHH I don't care if you're not online, this must be finished TODAY!

indented = smaller speech bubbles
bolded = I translated these lines literally so they still sound a little awkward...

Page 13:
"Oh Master..."
"You must have tossed me into this harsh earth to learn this..."
"Hey, did you hear?"
"Yeah, the story that the mountain guard is being taken out?"
"They say that someone is attacking them and taking their equipment."
"Spies from Drachma, right?"
"They haven't caught them yet?"
"Gahh how pathetic!! The name of the Briggs patrol will fall into the earth!!"
"The rumors are that it's a female spy."
"No, from what I heard..."
"A woman like a bear"

Page 14:
"One month!"
"Ohhh if I remember correctly, you were the one hoping for an apprenticeship..."
"That's right! As promised, will you teach me alchemy?"
"Pleeeease teach me alllchemyyy!"

Page 15:
"Ahhhh alchemy!"
"You must be talking about my little brother!"
"My name is Gold Steiner."
"I am Silver's older brother, known for hand-to-hand fighting techniques."
"My little brother already died long ago."
"I you were not aiming for my fighting techniques."
"And yet you still endured that one month well..."
"I am pleased!!"
"You will be my apprentice!!!"

Page 16:
"Let us walk this scene of carnage together..."(1)
"Old man Gold is ___!!"(2)
"First time in 30 years!!"
Continental Year 1897, Record of the Briggs National Guard.
In the beginning of this year in the mountain area neighbouring Drachma, a case of soldiers being attacked by a mysterious woman occurred repeatedly.
Thought to be by the same person, after continuing for about a month, these surprise robberies stopped quite suddenly.
Since then no one in the Briggs Mountains to the North has seen that mysterious woman again.

(1)- Any ideas on how to handle that "zo"? :/
(2)- Can't read the kanji~~ T__T

YES!! DONE!!! *gasp* Okay, no more translating for at least a couple of weeks. X__X

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