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Multitasking like whoah!

Things I've accomplished today:
-Go on a picnic
-Reread Chapter 1 of Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix

Things I'm doing now:
-Making the Winry Mood Theme
-Translating Shishou Monogatari (aka the Izumi omake~)
-Finishing my Kino fanfic

Things to do later:
-Start writing for my English final
-Watch Adult Swim?
-Read more Harry Potter

Also, I still don't understand why someone sent me a lengthy email explaining how Pokemon is evil......especially considering that I used to be the Moderator of a message board dedicated entirely to Pokemon. O__o;; In fact, that's where I got the "shocker" in my email address...

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    Mon, 01:12: I thought that sounded like him!!

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