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  • Sun, 05:00: Today's Space Dandy was pretty interesting. :O
  • Sun, 05:00: And next episode preview: WHAT.
  • Sun, 05:01: Now I'm really curious who/what Dandy really is, and what happened in his past...I just wonder if we'll get any answers.
  • Sun, 05:02: How many episodes are left now? One or two? :( I'm gonna miss this show.
  • Sun, 05:29: *struggling to stay up to watch Gurren Lagann & Hellsing Ultimate on Toonami*
  • Sun, 05:30: I already own both on DVD & Blu-Ray, but I don't care!
  • Sun, 05:31: I'm curious to see how much they had to censor Hellsing.
  • Sun, 07:11: Watching Hellsing. far, they're not censoring much! :O
  • Sun, 08:04: Enjoying reading comments on Hellsing Ultimate in the hashtag. XD
  • Sun, 08:05: I actually didn't notice any censorship at all! :O Though, this ep is kinda tame comparatively...
  • Sun, 08:07: Wonder what they'll do with the baby-eating and necrophilia later on... >.>;
  • Sun, 08:10: Also watching this first ep just reminded me how cheap-looking it is. I mean, comparatively.
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