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  • Sat, 17:33: RT @FUNimation: Saturday nights are about to get a lot more bloody! #HellsingUltimate joins #Toonami in Sept: http:/…
  • Sat, 17:35: Hellsing Ultimate on Toonami. :OO
  • Sat, 17:48: Watching Aldnoah Zero. SLAINE. SLAAAAINE. ;___;
  • Sat, 18:06: Goddammit. GODDAMMIT. DX
  • Sat, 18:07: Watching this show as a Slaine fan is painful. As soon as there's a shred of hope, it gets SNATCHED AWAY at the last minute.
  • Sat, 18:09: Woobie of the Year award goes to poor Slaine from Aldnoah Zero. D:
  • Sat, 18:32: OTOH, I'm amused that they took the Aldnoah drive but not the mech. Please tell me they'll install the drive in Inaho's trainer mech. XD
  • Sat, 18:33: I want to see Inaho kick ass in that crappy thing all the way to the end instead of getting something fancier.
  • Sat, 19:54: Ehh...think I might drop Terror in Resonance after all. It's just not as fun or exciting as the other shows I'm watching right now. ^^;
  • Sat, 19:55: I kept checking my phone while watching episode 6...that's not a good sign.
  • Sat, 19:56: If I hear it gets really good later on, might pick it up again. But for now, I have enough on my plate as it is.
  • Sat, 23:28: Oh hey, I started posting Sound of Pulling Heaven Down at Archive of Our Own because why the hell not.
  • Sat, 23:29: Probably should've put it up there years ago, but it's only recently that I've really taken notice of that site.
  • Sat, 23:31: It might take me a while to get all the chapters on there, but hopefully I can at least do one chapter per day.
  • Sat, 23:33: Formatting the early chapters and can't help thinking "eesh, this is old."
  • Sat, 23:35: Mostly my goal for this is to get one or two new readers and hopefully get myself back in the mood for working on it. :(
  • Sun, 04:44: Today's episode of Space Dandy is trippy as hell. O_O And that's saying something.
  • Sun, 05:01: Wait...what?
  • Sun, 05:03: That was...really something. o.o
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