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Some thoughts on the manga

Oooh...I was just looking at some fanart and realized that Ed's coat looks pretty good on Winry. :O I mean I liked Ed's costume because of all the alchemical symbolism in the colors- red, black, white, and then Ed's golden hair and eyes- and like whoah, Winry's clothes are almost the same thing! O.O I don't know if that's supposed to mean anything, but I just thought it was cool.
Also, I wonder if Mei Chan (I'm still going to call her that just because the Japanese makes it sound that way >.>) will ever actually meet Ed? It would be both amusing and disappointing if Arakawa turned her into a ongoing joke where she keeps on missing him while her imagination runs wild. I mean if she doesn't get some development soon, she's almost....Mary Sueish. O_O *prepares to be killed*
In fact I'd really like to know more about her. We know that Ling is searching for immortality, but didn't Mei say she was too? For what reason? It seems like she's been sidetracked looking for Ed since she was first introduced...
And what is Scar going to do in the next chapter? Now that Ed and Al have Gluttony, they don't need to be fighting him anymore... Last we see of him, the poor guy is just sitting there going "WTF?" ...And what are Ed, Al, and Ling even going to do with Gluttony??? O__o

...Yes, must have next chapter soon. >_>

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