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  • Sat, 00:16: Oh boy, about to watch the Korra Book 3 finale...! *nervous*
  • Sat, 00:41: Holy crap the way one of the villains died. O_O Th-that's a nasty way to go...
  • Sat, 00:42: Jesus Christ the Air Temple...
  • Sat, 00:48: WHAT THE FUCK?
  • Sat, 00:49: OH MY GOD
  • Sat, 01:12: Korra at the end was just heartbreaking though. ;__;
  • Sat, 01:12: Also, holy shit that was pretty dark stuff.
  • Sat, 01:14: Best season of Legend of Korra without a doubt. I think...I might buy it when it comes out...
  • Sat, 01:15: Jinora baby I'm so proud. ;__;
  • Sat, 01:19: So they randomly named & gave emphasis to a very minor character. Guessing she's a spy and/or will be next season's villain.
  • Sat, 01:55: You know, considering the bullshit that was season 1's ending, I'm glad they left Korra in such a state at the end of this season.
  • Sat, 02:20: Actually, at this point I'm wondering if Korra might die young like Aang did. She has been through a LOT...
  • Sat, 02:27: I might be willing to forgive all the previous love triangle crap if Korra and Asami actually become a couple in Book 4.
  • Sat, 02:28: RT @royalboiler: It's funny to me when I see Urasawa on comics award ballots as "best foreign" because if he was just in best of best he wo…
  • Sat, 05:26: Seeing speculation that the poison used in the Season 3 finale was mercury... D:
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