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  • Sun, 00:47: SCREEEAAAMM
  • Sun, 00:51: Toba & Sushio were so surprised to see Yoshinari's signature already there. XD "Where did you get this?!" "His signature looks cool"
  • Sun, 00:51: Nakashima!! He looked kinda tired. XD
  • Sun, 04:07: OMG at the Kill la Kill panel, someone asked if Honnouji Academy could turn into a giant robot like in Gurren Lagann...
  • Sun, 04:07: They answered "Look forward to episode 25"!!!!!!!!
  • Sun, 04:47: I didn't get to ask a question at the panel, but I got to see Nakashima make up something on the spot, so I'm happy. *__*
  • Sun, 04:48: (He said Ragyo has rainbow hair because her hair emits water)
  • Sun, 04:48: Someone actually asked whether Mako/ Gamagoori or Mako/Ryuko are canon...
  • Sun, 04:50: The answer, of course, was that Kill la Kill has no romance but fans are free to ship what they want.
  • Sun, 04:54: Someone asked about Mikisugi's bullet that never got used too. There was a cut scene in ep 15 where he uses it on Satsuki & it didn't work.
  • Sun, 04:57: When asked about the name Nudist Beach: it was a joke name at first, but as they kept using it, they thought it started sounding cool. XD
  • Sun, 04:57: Then Sushio made us all shout NUDIST BEACH. XD
  • Sun, 04:59: Also, after Senketsu "evolved" in the last episode, everyone, not just Satsuki, could hear him talk at last. :')
  • Sun, 05:03: They talked about a few rejected ideas: my favorite is the were-pets wearing Life Fibers. Dropped cuz Amemiya didn't want to fight animals.
  • Sun, 05:10: The theory that Nui replaced Mako in the last episodes was officially shot down too, lol.
  • Sun, 05:13: Right after Sushio said he designed costumes thinking of the potential cosplay, a bearded guy wearing transformed Senketsu stepped up. XD
  • Sun, 05:15: In general, I've seen a LOT of guys crossplaying Kill la Kill characters here. Like, possibly more than guys cosplaying guy characters.
  • Sun, 05:25: RT @StarwaveImpulse: @CSakuraS omg was it this guy????
  • Sun, 05:38: My first food truck experience!!! This was so good I ate it twice. *__*
  • Sun, 05:39: This was also amazing.
  • Sun, 05:42: Currently laughing over awful Attack on Titan bootlegs with roommates LOL
  • Sun, 05:45: I'm gonna miss Space Dandy tonight cuz our room's TV is fucked up. :(
  • Sun, 05:47: Saw the Terror in Resonance world premiere (they showed the first TWO episodes). Interesting show so far!
  • Sun, 05:48: Also attended the Star Blazers 2199 screening. HUGE room, hardly 1/4 full. :(
  • Sun, 06:03: Got this Trigger shirt at the Galaxxxy booth. ^__^
  • Sun, 06:04: Also managed to find a Princess Tutu doujinshi omg.
  • Sun, 06:06: Anime Expo was insanely crowded. Definitely missed the small & smoothly run Animazement.
  • Sun, 06:08: But I was able to do the events I wanted and hung out with @pacificpikachu a lot and had an overall fantastic time. :)
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