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  • Fri, 18:52: So I need to either be within first 50 people in line for today's KLK event, or buy KLK at Aniplex booth first thing tomorrow morning. @_@
  • Fri, 18:53: Never mind that I already have KLK preordered, I can just cancel or sell the extra copy if need be.
  • Fri, 19:17: FUCK YEAH I'm like 4th in line for the KLK event! Gonna sit out here for the next three hours. XD;
  • Fri, 19:43: Forgot to visit the Galaxxxy booth in Dealer's Room, will have to go back later. >_<
  • Fri, 21:37: Got inside the event hall thank god, I was getting dizzy from standing in the sun so long. @_@
  • Sat, 03:51: The Kill la Kill event was super fun, but my friend Kristin lost her bag full of autographs at the event, so major downer. D:
  • Sat, 03:54: It seems I was misinformed about first 50 people in line getting autograph tickets, cuz there was no such thing.
  • Sat, 03:54: So my only chance is to buy Kill la Kill first thing in the morning!!!
  • Sat, 03:57: I was disappointed that Nakashima didn't get to talk much, was overshadowed by the seiyuu & kept being interrupted by translators.
  • Sat, 03:58: I hope he can talk more at the Kill la Kill panel tomorrow~~
  • Sat, 04:00: But Ryuuko and Satsuki's voice actresses were both really cute and fun. XD
  • Sat, 04:01: Sushio did a live drawing during the talk show. We all kept cheering him on by calling SU-SHI-O SU-SHI-O! XD
  • Sat, 04:03: The concert was great, the glow sticks were all synchronized and it was AWESOME.
  • Sat, 04:09: I was happy Eir Aoi sang Memoria. Was surprised she sang ambiguous since it's not her song, but it was great. :D
  • Sat, 04:14: As for the dub, it was okay? Sounded kinda stilted & awkward.
  • Sat, 04:15: I can see fireworks from my hotel window. :)
  • Sat, 04:16: Wonder if there will be a Q&A at tomorrow's panel...
  • Sat, 04:19: They already had questions prepared for the talk show, and to be honest they were kinda boring questions. ^^;
  • Sat, 04:21: I want to ask Nakashima something weird to get him talking. XD;
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