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  • Sun, 14:32: On the train now. Goodbye, Raleigh! Thanks for the great memories. :)
  • Sun, 14:34: I think this Animazement was one of the better con experiences I've had, even if I did come alone.
  • Sun, 14:35: The guests were a big part of it, of course, but also the lines and picking up my badge went really smoothly.
  • Sun, 14:36: It's a smaller con, though. I've only been going to Otakon these past few years so maybe not a fair comparison, ahaha.
  • Sun, 15:02: Finally playing SRW Hakai-hen again...I have no idea where I am in the game right now. XD;;
  • Sun, 15:03: Well I know I'm fighting Invaders, that's simple enough!
  • Sun, 15:12: It's gonna take me a while to remember the strategies I used in this...
  • Sun, 15:20: Okay I'm clearly in a Getter storyline, but can't remember what has Ryouma so upset...
  • Sun, 15:46: Oh shit, thought this was a Getter storyline but now Nia is confronting Adiane.
  • Sun, 16:54: Shiiiiit I forgot that getting Godmars killed will end the world LOL. Good thing I saved, because the Earth just blew up. XD
  • Sun, 16:57: ...Are you fucking kidding me my save didn't work? Now I have to start this battle all over again?!
  • Sun, 16:59: ...I hate you, Godmars. DX
  • Sun, 18:52: Phew, finally finished that battle. -.-
  • Sun, 19:27: Omg I got to the part where Nia sings "Aimo"...!
  • Sun, 19:30: Ranka is so confused. XD
  • Sun, 19:32: LOL Nia says her father is the Spiral King and that she was thrown away and then just leaves. Ranka is bewildered.
  • Mon, 00:43: @Umekopyon Btw, when people shout "MARCO" at conventions now, people have started shouting back "Marco's dead!"
  • Mon, 01:19: I think I have a cold. D: Not sure if it's con plague or because the hotel, convention center, and train were all freezing inside...
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